Corporate Services Division


This Division houses the administrative and operational wing of REB. The division houses the finance and logistics activities; procurement and human resources management. The rules and procedures of the division elaborated under each unit follow specific government laws and guidelines. 





  1.  Provide the DG and senior management of REB with timely and appropriate advice and information on corporate facilities and services;
  2. Ensure an adequate framework of procedures, working instructions and guidelines;
  3. Ensure timely implementation of plans and sound financial management of REB’s Corporate Services budget;
  4. Ensure smooth communications with REB’s management and the Staff on Corporate Services matters;
  5. Ensure the timely availability and efficient management of appropriate office space, furniture, office equipment, office supplies and well-functioning meeting facilities;
  6. Ensure the smooth running of REB’s building related services and service providers (security staff, cleaning, office moves, maintenance, catering, etc.); 
  7. Ensure a safe, healthy and agreeable working environment for the staff of REB as well as meeting and common facilities for REB staff and visitors. 


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