High Education Student Loans Department (HESLD)


The Department is divided into three Units namely: Loan Bursary Application and Disbursement, Loans Repayment and Recovery, and Student Welfare and Academic Monitoring. These are shown in the organogram below showing the micro structure 


Management and Functional Responsibilities of the Department


The Department strives to ensure effective performance through liaison with other Departments, Ministries and Institutions on training of the Rwandan people. Specifically the department is responsible to:

- Provide loans to Rwandan students to enable them to pay for higher education;

- Recover funds disbursed by REB as student loans to Rwandan students in higher education;

- Advise on matters related to policies of awarding student loans and bursaries to Rwandan students in higher education;

- Establish relations and collaborate with other regional and international agencies of the same responsibilities




1. Loan/Bursary Application &Disbursement


Specific responsibilities of this unit are:

- Prepare a budget for students’ training

- Publicize the Loan/Bursary scheme

- Process the loan and bursary application;

- Disburse the loans and grants;

- Ensure student loan/bursary data entry and validation;

- Maintain students’ accounts

- Liaise with Higher Learning Institutions (HLIs), RRA, MINECOFIN and others on matters in relations to students loan application and disbursement

- Coordinate information activities to the schools and to the public;

- Preparation of timely reports on the bursary and loan schemes


2. Loan Repayment and Recovery


This Unit is responsible for loans repayment and recovery. Its responsibilities are:

- Formulate policies and strategies for loan recovery, loan repayment collection;

- Identify and follow up of defaulters

- Maintain loan repayments accounts.

- Supervise the credibility of loanees and monitor their payment patterns;

- Advise the legal office on matters relating to defaulters of the loan;

- Liaise with other stakeholders involved in the recovering process with loanees such as banks and employers;

- Liaise with HLIs, and others on matters related to implementation of activities to ensure that their data are timely available;

- Co-ordinate information activities to the higher learning institutions and to the public;

- Prepare timely reports on the loan recovery status.


3. Student Welfare and Academic Monitoring


The Student Welfare and Academic Monitoring Unit is responsible for selecting and placing students in reputable, accredited institutions approved by the Ministry of Education (MINEDUC) and continuously monitors their academic progress and welfare as well as managing student records. This responsibility is carried out both directly by the Desk Officers within the Unit and indirectly through Education Attaches’ and other Embassies and High Commissions abroad.


Specific responsibilities are:

- Collaborate with Examination and Accreditation in the orientation and placements

- Collaborate with Higher Learning Institutions in orienting students in different institutions of higher learning;

- Deal with students’ complaints and ensure that students are placed in their respective categories;

- Ensure that all students have received their bursary or loan on time;

- Request, check and file the reports on graduates from Local Higher Learning Institutions;

- Identify students who obtained loans and bursaries from REB;

- Receive and process applications for cooperation scholarships;

- Prepare all bursary confirmations cooperation scholarships;

- Arrange for selection according to laid down procedures;

- Arrange matters regarding passport and tickets for students;

- Collaborate with donors, institutions or government agencies on issues relating to cooperation scholarship;

- Follow up on correspondences related to all cooperation scholarships;

- Follow up on all problems from students under cooperation scholarships;

- Deal with students who demonstrated special talents during their studies in order to further develop their talents;

- Promote the talent-oriented education in higher learning;

- Collaborate with Rwandan and foreign organizations in organizing civic education training of Rwandan students abroad 







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