On 19th June 2019, Ministry of Education with its partners held the 2019/2020 Forward Looking Joint Review Meeting.

American lecturer of arts, Hellen Keller said “Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.” Referring to this quote one can understand the purpose of the meeting.

Education sector strives to improve the quality of education delivery continuum (basic, TVET, Tertiary) especially Basic education as the foundation of future workforce. The Government of Rwanda and different Education stakeholders have different interventions and initiatives towards this noble cause. Proper coordination in planning process will support better attainment of the overarching goal: Skilled human capital for better industrial development.

Planning is one of the basic management functions. In fact it occupies the top position in the management process and it is the starting point of the management process as other management function can take place only through this function. With that power of planning, in his opening remarks, Hon. Minister of Education Dr. Eugene Mutimura says; “I note that this Joint Review of Education Sector meeting is taking place at the opportune time when we are in the period of closing the fiscal year 20018/2019, and completing the planning and budgeting review process for the upcoming year 2019/2020”; he said

Hon. Minister of Education, Dr. Eugene Mutimura continued by saying that Education partners are needed and can be involved in education sector from all levels in terms of policies and resources mobilization.

In his address to the participants Minister of education also appreciated the helping spirit, contribution of the partners and requested them to continue supporting the education sector, “This Joint Review of the Education Sector is a good occasion to call upon all education stakeholders to be proud of what they are doing in education sector and we invite you to plan how to showcase and exhibit your achievements. In this regard we invite all of you to participate in the Education Exposition slated in August 2019 and I request you to be involved not only in the exhibitions but also in awarding best young innovators from our sector”; he added

According to different researches, parental encouragement and support for learning activities at home combined with parental involvement in schooling is critical to children’s education. It is on this ground that building effective partnerships between parents, families and schools to support children’s learning leads to improved learning outcomes. Parents are the first and continuing educators of their children. Researches also show that there is an importance of parental engagement, and parent should keep an eye on child’s activity in school and home.

It is that regard, Director General of Rwanda Education Board, Dr. Ndayambaje Irénée said that the desired Quality Education will be achievement through collaboration with parents when they understand that it is good to give time to their children to learn. “Learning should not end in class, learning should continue even out of classroom. Students/Pupils need to revise at home”; he said 

Director General of Rwanda Education, Dr. Ndayambaje Irénée continued by saying that the Government of Rwanda has realized that the desired Quality Education cannot be achieved if the teacher is not given the special attention and the Teacher Training Colleges (TTCs) are the starting point.“ As much as we talk about the desired Quality Education, we need also a better teacher, and support for teacher is provided by the Government including a wellbeing support”, he added  

Speaking to the participants of Forward Looking Joint Review meeting, Director General of Education Policy and Planning in the Ministry of Education, Mrs. Rose Baguma emphasized the role of Teacher Training Colleges in shaping the Quality Education desired and Ministry of Education is prepared to make it happen not in rhetoric speeches but in Planning and implementation reference and she called upon the partners to collaborate in many ways,” In fiscal year of 2019/2020, Teacher Training Colleges (TTCs) will be our priority and together we will achieve our goals”, she said 

In his Forward-Looking Joint Review Meeting of Ministry of Education and its partners, the focus was also on concrete interventions the Government and all stakeholders are planning to improve quality of education delivery at all levels from basic to tertiary education to support improved skills required for labor market demand.

 In his address, Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of institutional Advancement at University of Rwanda, Dr. Charles Muligande emphasized that the will to achieve Quality Education is there but patient is also needed, “Yes, we need the desired Quality Education but it cannot be achieved overnight, we all need to do something but it takes time definitely it is the journey of patience”; he said 

Speaking to the participants of the meeting, Hon. Minister of state said that various areas need strong interventions at all levels of education, but special attention needs to be attributed to improve the Quality of Education in primary and secondary education; and increase of enrollment in STEM related courses in higher education and TVET.

In the closing remarks, Hon. Minister of State, Dr. Isaac Munyakazi said that collaboration to achieve the goals should be a continuous and endless journey,” I encourage all stakeholders to keep engaging in analytical studies to inform our strategies and policy actions”; he said.

Hon. Minister of State also continued by calling up on all stakeholders to take one of the seats of controllers in education chamber, “I once again call upon all our stakeholders to keep the collaboration and the support both technically and financially in aligning our national plans to the regional and international education goals’ and Ministry of Education will continue to work closely with our stakeholders at all levels”; he underlined.


  Hon. Minister of Education, Dr. Eugene Mutimura addressing the participants.


Hon. Minister of State, Dr. Isaac Munyakazi addressing the participants of the meeting.


Participants of the Forward-Looking Joint Review Meeting of 2019/2020.

Development partners of the Forward-Looking Joint Review Meeting of 2019/2020

Heads of MINEDUC affiliated institutions and MINEDUC Line representatives.














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