On 28th June 2019, Rwanda Education Board distributed cows for the best performing teachers in Kamonyi District.

Andy Rooney said “Most of us end up with no more than five or six people who remember us. Teachers have thousands of people who remember them for the rest of their lives.” This quote demonstrates how teachers are the cornerstone of our achievements and underline the reason why we must keep remembering and recognizing their contribution into our livehood.

A cow is just. Nonetheless, for Rwandans a cow carries a distinctive and respectful cultural consideration. Indeed, as the Rwandan community strives to ensure that every household gets sufficient and well balanced food, cows play a central role. It is in this perspective that besides Girinka Munyarwanda a special teacher welfare and best performance undertake named “Girinka Mwarimu” was introduced.

In the distribution of cows to the best performing teachers in Kamonyi District, Mr.Kayijuka Diogène, District Director of Education said that a cow is a special sign in our culture and is a covenant between Government and teachers, “Please do not relax, this is an encouragement, and you have to go extra milles in your performance. We expect of you to impact more in education system by being role models and mentors of excellence to peers in your respective schools and communities.” he said

In a discussion with best performing teachers, by using biblical meaning of Psalm 37:7, District Director of Education continued by recalling the role of a teacher in society: “Yes! You are a source of knowledge, not only that but a source of all goods. I have been young, and now am old, yet I have never seen the teachers forsaken or his children begging for bread, these cows are the sign of recognition of your hard work from the Governance.” he added

A beneficiary of Girinka Mwarimu program, Wibabara Emmanuel, a teacher from E.P Masogwe thanked Rwanda Education Board, and the Government of Rwanda in general. “We have been waiting for this day. We are very excited and recognizant, our promise is to work hard and guarantee quality education desired in our schools.” he said

Nzeyimana Louis, a teacher from G.S Rosa Mystica who also obtained a cow could not leave having not shared his emotions. He said “I used to buy milk and fertilizer for my farms, but with this cow, I am sure that all these expenses are covered and thus my family earnings are going to be boosted and my family and community welfare shall definitely be shortly positive changed. He mentioned.

In the ongoing cow’s distribution across the 30 districts, Rwanda Education Board is targeting to reach our 400 best teachers.

District Director of Education in Kamonyi District, Kayijuka Diogène addressing the best performing teachers.


Best performing teachers were very happy to receive their cows.

Best performing teachers following the instruction on how to treat the received cows.

Entrepreneurship & Business Teacher Training Officer at REB, Ndayishimiye Alain Diacre addressing the teachers.

Best performing teachers were very happy to receive their cows.





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