On 26th July 2019, Director General of Rwanda Education Board, Dr. Ndayambaje Irénée concluded the Wellspring’s training for Teacher multipliers, School based mentors and School leaders in Rubavu District.

An American industrialist and a business magnate, Henry Ford said “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether 20 or 80, anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.”; Referring to this quote, one can understand the power of continuous trainings for teachers.

Teacher’s continuing trainings are important for educational excellence, and regular training opportunities help them to stay at the top of their game because even the best teachers will begin to lag behind if they don’t continue to strive for excellence.

The classroom practices revealed that disrupting behaviors are common. Hence, effective teachers must have techniques to use to reduce or eliminate undesired behaviors. While punishments have been thought to be the remedy, rewards .And positive discipline have been testified as sound measures to deal with classroom behaviors. It is in this regards that training for teacher’s multipliers was organized with the intent to improve their role in developing the appropriate behaviors in classroom.

The wellspring’s training brought together around 265 educationists, including Sector Education Officers, School Leaders, Head-teachers, Teacher-Multipliers and Director of studies from different schools in Rubavu District. Director General of Rwanda Education Board, Dr. Ndayambaje Irénée attended the last day of the training which coincided with the closing of the training. In his remarks, the DG REB recalled that “Learning process does not stop, we should keep learning and refreshing ourselves, for better classroom delivering and positive impact to learners.”

Sharing knowledge and skills consistently among employees increase the value exponentially at any institution, more importantly sharing experience, skills and knowledge among educationists is crucial to Quality Education. By referring to biblical verse: Mark16:15, Director General of Rwanda Education Board, Dr. Ndayambaje Irénée requested the trainees to spread the message; “Please share the skills and knowledge gained from this training, act like disciples of Jesus.” he emphasized.

Teachers are undoubtedly among the most significant contributors to national development in any country, more specifically to Rwanda. Every teacher qualities, character, qualification and professional competences are the cornerstones on which successful national development ultimately depends on. It is in that regards, speaking to participants of the wellspring training, Director General of Rwanda Education Board, Dr. Ndayambaje Irénée said that the contribution of teachers will always be engaged in the memories of those who passed in their hands; “We thank you teachers for your special contribution to development of the country. We do recognize your power to transform someone by extension impact to the society.”  

Director of Policy and Programs at wellspring Foundation for Education, Dr. Sibomana Emmanuel said that the chief goal of the training was to help teachers learn how to instill positive discipline and how to manage student’s behaviors in a positive manner through well-established behavior management systems and appropriate results and consequences of the chosen path.

A teacher-multiplier, Ms. Komezusenge Adeline from Centre Scolaire Kageshi said that the training has impacted her with skills and knowledge in handling her class; “Before I didn’t know how to use values and positive behavior in my class, yet it is cross-cutting issue but from today forward I will be one of the best teachers in handling student’s behaviors at my school.”  she said

According to other teacher’s multipliers like Hungurimana Modeste from centre Scolaire Yongwe, this training was another class of understanding their servants (students) and discussions between teachers and students were proven to be the tool in handling and impacting the class behaviors management. “From now I know it is very crucial to understand student’s behavior and background before any action of punishment can be taken, through careful listening, and special behavior in our classes will be treated carefully. And students should be aware and participate in internal rules and regulations which govern them,” he mentioned. 

In his address to the participants of the training, Director of Policy and Programs, Dr. Sibomana Emmanuel continued by saying that the field monitoring of the implementation of acquired knowledge and skills by teacher’s multipliers will be conducted very soon in their respective schools. He said that “We will continue to provide the teacher multipliers with support in their schools to help them implement what they have been learnt and help them address the challenges which they might be encountering.” he underlined.

The wellspring Foundation for Education is an international NGO which aims to be a catalyst for transforming education for children in Rwanda and fostering vibrant school communities that address poverty in all its format. This foundation has three main components such as: The first focuses on training teachers on effective teaching and learning approaches aligned with the context and the national curriculum, the second aims at empowering school leaders for effective school management and leading teaching and learning in their school, while the third is about helping school communities, especially parents to understand their roles and responsibilities in order to support schools more effectively.


Komezusenge Adeline, a Teacher-Multiplier from Centre Scolaire Kageshi in Rubavu District.

Hungurimana Modeste, a Teacher Multipliers from Centre Scolaire Nyongwe in Rubavu District.

Director General of Rwanda Education Board, Dr. Ndayambaje Irénée addressing the Teacher’s Multipliers.

Participants of the Wellspring training for Teacher’s multipliers, School leaders, and School based mentors, Sector education officers and Dean of studies from different schools.

Director of policy and programs at wellspring Foundation for Education, Dr. Sibomana Emmanuel (right), and Director General of Rwanda Education Board, Dr. Ndayambaje Irénée (Left).


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