Today, on 19th February 2019 Minister of State, Dr. Isaac Munyakazi together with Director General of Rwanda Education Board, Dr. Ndayamabaje Irénée had a consultative meeting on education with educationists and other stakeholders in education sector in southern province.

In the opening ceremony of the meeting, the Governor of Southern Province, Commissioner General of Police (CGP) Emmanuel K. Gasana started by quoting Mr. Robert Orben who said that “If you think that Education is expensive, try ignorance.”  Mr. Orben was a very successful comedy writer, and supplied jokes to others via books and a newsletter.

Governor, Emmanuel Gasana continued by stating that education is the backbone of any country’s development. “We are going to make a follow up and tackle all issues in education sector by using different strategies like inspection, supervision, communication and training among other techniques;” he added

Minister of State, Dr. Isaac Munyakazi, was the guest of honour in this consultative meeting on education said that “Through Quality of Education, we will have a knowledge based economy country.” He said

Dr. Isaac Munyakazi explained in details on how the future of Rwanda is on education. “Our country has no petroleum, gold and other resources except education.” He said

Hon. Minister of state shared the examples to the participants of the meeting on how strengthening education can germinate the countries’ development. There is no development across the world without education, some country is more germinate and some are not. The country which is more growing the more educated people ratio compares to the country which is less developed; he added

He continued on pointing out that countries like Israel, Singapore and South Korea have achieved their respect through Quality of Education.” These countries were like others but they decided not to stay behind, and it is an indicator that we should do more by improving our education sector; he said.

Dr. Isaac Munyakazi strongly mentioned that the time of commitments has expired, it is a time for actions, and we are going to take serious measures for wrongdoings in education sector. He said

In the meeting, educationists were comfortably assured that the transformation required in education are possible through peer learning and practical exercises in our duties at all levels. However, Teachers, Head Teachers cannot do it all, the role of parents is also a must.

Director General of Rwanda Education Board, Dr. Ndayambaje Irénée said that “we should not become spin doctors on the issues in education. We must speak out our problems and come up with rigorous solutions.” He said

Dr. Ndayamabaje Irénée also shared some of the findings of the Learning Achievement in Rwandan Schools (LARS), where it was shown that that in the year 2018 only 52.2% of the pupils in P6 in the Southern Province had the required level of literacy in P6. This is a demonstration that much efforts are needed to boost these statistics; he added

Mayors of all districts of Southern Province were present in meeting, and committed to handle all issues imminently. Mayor of Huye district, Mr. Sebutege Ange said that “we are ready to shift from commitment into actions without any hesitation.” He said

In this consultative meeting, SEOS, DDES and Head teachers were requested to work out from the offices and be field-workers as the best strategy to understand what is really happening on the ground and be solutions’ providers.

Minister of State, Dr. Isaac Munyakazi concluded the consultative meeting on education in the Southern Province officially by requesting joint efforts towards the envisaged changes in education and most importantly in learning outcomes.  Responsibility, Ownership, collaboration and accountability should be the driving forces; he underlined.

 Participants of the meeting were very determined to make a change


 Governor of Southern Province, Commissioner General of Police (CGP) Emmanuel K. Gasana.


 Director General of Rwanda Education Board, Dr. Ndayambaje Irénée addressing the attendants


 Mayor of Huye District, Sebutege Ange

 Commissioner of Police in southern province


 Best performing schools in National Examinations 2018 were given the standing ovation.


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