Today, on 7th March 2019 at G.S Nduba in Gasabo District, Building learning Foundation (BLF) in collaboration with Rwanda Education Board has officially launched the distribution of english pupils books and essential mathematics materials in schools.

The building Learning Foundations focuses on establishing solid foundations at lower primary level-P1, P2, and P3 in all schools. Improvements in learning outcomes in the lower primary grades are intended to improve children’s learning achievement in higher grades and so increase equitable access to primary and secondary education for girls and boys across the country. The programme has been carefully designed in close collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Rwanda Education Board to complement, support and enhance existing systems and structures at national, district, sector and school levels.

In the launching ceremony, Hon. Minister of State, Dr.Isaac Munyakazi said that the outcomes must prove our efforts and changes must start from classroom.  “Having materials and other resources is one thing but the utilization is another.” he said.

Minister of State in charge of Primary and Secondary Education continued by requesting the teachers, Head teachers and parents to work together by having the same direction of improving our education sector.

Hon. Minister of State also appreciated the outstanding support of United Kingdom through Building Learning Foundation (BLF) and DFID. “the government of Rwanda will continue to work with different partners in education sector. he added

Head of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Resources Department at REB, Joan Murungi, said that the distribution will mark the first time that every lower primary student will have their own book to support English language learning and every lower primary classroom will have the essential teaching and learning materials necessary to support competence-based education.

Ms. Joan Murungi also noted that, “a strong foundation of English in lower primary will ease the transition of our learners to using English as the medium of instruction in P4.” While we know that having the best teaching and learning materials is essential to support learning, we also know that students rely on the guidance and support of qualified, motivated teachers and the whole school functions better with reliable school leaders who role model quality teaching and learning. she added

Rwanda Education Board appreciates the 360-degrees approach of the building learning Foundation program, which not only provides hands-on materials, but is also supporting teachers to gain strong English language and methodology skills and training Head teachers to become leaders of learning. She said

Vice-Mayor of Gasabo District, Raymond Mberabahizi said that “this is the foundation to deliver more, it now our responsibility as Gasabo district to strengthen our education based the materials we have given without any excuse.” he said

Vice Mayor of Gasabo district continued by noting that the good fruits of education are strengthen of the country, “there is no draft in educational functions, we must avoid mistakes at any cost.” he added

Regional Director of British Council adored the transformation of Rwanda in different sectors, “Rwanda is amazing, there is no way we will hesitate to partner with, and the relationship of United Kingdom and Rwanda is unique.” he said

The programme of Building Learning Foundation (BLF) is built on three foundations to ensure long-term, sustainable impact: teacher development, leadership for learning and system strengthening. Each foundation has a focus on inclusive education practices for pupils with special educational needs to ensure no child is left behind.


 Minister of State, Dr. Isaac Munyakazi (between) launching the distribution of English Pupil Books and Essential Mathematics materials in schools.

 Minister of State, Dr. Isaac Munyakazi distributing English books to pupils at G.S. Nduba.

 Minister of State, Dr. Isaac Munyakazi discussing with teachers at G.S Nduba.

 Head of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Resources Department, Ms. Joan Murungi addressing the attendants.


 Vice-Mayor of Gasabo district, Mr. Raymond Mberabahizi speaking the launching ceremony.


 Posing moment for group photo was provided.





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