Today on 15th March 2019 at Lemigo Hotel, Rwanda Education Board with its different partners conducted a workshop meeting on Career Guidance & Counseling.

The purpose of this workshop meeting was to create awareness among stakeholders about the importance and need for Career guidance in Rwandan schools; For the participants to critically and thoroughly discuss the importance and need for Career Guidance and Counseling program in Rwandan schools and to discuss and agree on how Career Guidance Services can be effectively implemented in schools using available resources.

 Referring to theoretical review of the different researches, Career Guidance and Counseling in education is about equipping students with the necessary knowledge, skills and values to make informed decisions at each key of education stage for successful transition from school to further education or work, and hence to manage their career pathways and lifelong learning throughout their lives. With career guidance and counseling knowledge, social emotional competencies and qualities of proactivity, adaptability and resilience are developed to prepare students for the 21st century.

Basing on Rwanda’s context, the increased access to education is also coupled with effort to ensure quality. It is only through quality education that we shall ensure that the products of our education system have knowledge, competences and skills that will eventually propel development of our country.

One of the factors that increase quality of learning is Career Guidance and Counselling in schools. The future of our country is dependent on an enlightened human capital and MINEDUC has a duty, in co-operation with the workplace to lessen the enormous challenges of a globalised world through planned and organized career guidance and counselling programmes.

 Strategies for dealing with the mismatch between education and the labour market have been established by the Ministry of Education through Rwanda Education Board (REB) by establishing a Unit in charge of implementing Career Guidance and Counseling in Rwandan Schools. To ensure that students at all levels of PBE can access career guidance and Counseling, teachers will be appointed and trained to provide Career advice and guidance.

 In a Career Guidance and Counseling workshop, Head of Teacher Development & Management & Career Guidance and Counseling department, Mr. Ngoga James said “let us help our future generation and if we can have proper CGC we will have great dreamers who will contribute a lot to the development of our country.” he said

Mr. Ngoga James also noted that CGC policy will not be implemented as is intended without partnership with teachers. “we should make sure that the teachers are well equipped with skills to help our students in CGC journey.” he added.

As it was mentioned by Head of Teacher Development & Management &Career Guidance and Counseling, Mr. Ngoga James, the CGC policy cannot be achieved over night.” We shall all agree that students should be progressively oriented in making their choices that will determine their future careers.” he mentioned

Director of Career Guidance& Counseling unit, Mr. Ngoga Eugène Fixer noted that strengthening and implementing the CGC policy will require the collaboration with school’s management and available resources, “It is time to train a person who will be in charge of CGC at each school across the country.” he said

Dr. Sebaganwa Alphonse, Head of Department of Examination, Selection and Assessment shared with participants the future plan on how CGC will be incorporated in students Selection and allocation strategies, “we hope that in next 3 or 5 years, placement of students will be based on examinations results and individual career guidance.” he said

In this workshop, the participants discussed on how Career Guidance & Counseling Services can be impactful and effectively implemented in schools using available resources (Time, personnel, devices, infrastructure), and one of the resolution was that the training and orientation sessions for both students and implementers (Teachers, Counselors, DDEs, DEOs, SEPs, etc…) should consistently be provided.

However, the Stakeholders’ roles in CGC implementation must be acknowledged through the discussions and agreements on suitable choice for children but also creating the awareness campaign to parents through SGACs.

So far, 20 national trainers were identified and trained, 185 teachers were identified and trained as career advisors. The target is to train 832 secondary school teachers, two teachers per sector will be trained on career Guidance and Counseling. Training of the remaining 638 teachers will start in April this year of 2019.

Different institutions, organizations were represented in the workshop. Among them are: MINEDUC, REB, RN RS-GITAGARA, UR-CE, WDA, RP, FAWE RWANDA, PSF, MASTER CARD FOUNDATION, VVOB, AEGIS TRUST, ADC-AK, UNICEF, SGA, SCHOOLS, HANDCAP, INES RUHENGELI.

Ministry of Education through Rwanda Education Board strongly believe in the importance of career interventions in orienting the young towards engagement not only for self but the country’s transformation, and efforts shall be made to work with different partners and stakeholders to develop Career Guidance and Counseling professionals in schools.


 Participants of Career Guidance &Counseling workshop


 Participants from different partners in Career Guidance & Counseling Workshop.



 Head of Teacher Development & Management & Career Guidance and Counseling department, Mr. Ngoga James.


 Head of Department of Examination, Selection and Assessment, Dr. Alphonse Sebaganwa addressing the participants.


 Director of Career Guidance& Counseling unit, Mr. Ngoga Eugène Fixer





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