Some people use to say that teaching is the backbone of education and in any country; education is a key sector, attracting the highest budgetary allocation in any economy. Most countries invest mostly in education and therefore, this requires that teachers understand what they represent in the society. Teachers are educationists and therefore, they need to be part of any education system.

It is within that value teachers hold, the Minister of State, Dr. Isaac Munyakazi together with Director General of Rwanda Education Board, Dr. Ndayambaje Irénée had a consultative meeting on education with educationists and stakeholders in education sector in northern province.
In the opening ceremony of the meeting that took place in Musanze on Friday 22 March 2019, the Governor of Northern Province, Gatabazi J.M.V called upon the participants to tackle on serious issues in education like collaboration between teachers and parents on early pregnancies among young girls, school feeding complexities. “We are talking about our children, let strive to ensure better future generation for our nation.” he said
Hon. Minister of State, Dr. Isaac Munyakazi was the Guest of Honour in this consultative meeting on education. According to him what have achieved is less than what is needed in the education sector. “we cannot sit here for celebration, we have a lot of tasks ahead of us and we have to accomplish them;” he said.

Minister of State, Dr. Isaac Munyakazi mentioned that country aims at transforming from an agriculture based economy to a knowledge based economy and education is the most pillar to use. “Rwanda is in transformation journey, and transformation is always based on education, as educationists we have been given the trust by the government and parents, let us use it.” he said
Hon. Dr. Isaac Munyakazi reminded the request of His Excellence President Paul Kagame. “as His Excellence President said, education should be the priority to everyone and given the special attention on 100%;” he added.

One of the ways of giving special attention to education sector is to recruit brilliant and talented teachers in Rwandan schools, Minister of State said in fact of the resolutions that came from the cabinet meeting of 28th January 2019 chaired by His Excellence was to revamp TTC (Teacher Training Colleges) and Demonstration schools. “TTCs are going to be admitting the best performing students who will become the best qualified and talented teachers in the future.”, he underlined.
In the past years, teachers were the bedrock of the society. In relation to this past perspective, Minister of state, Dr.Isaac Munyakazi challenged the educationists to bring back their dignity. “It is time to bring back our dignity and values by supporting TTC students in their journey to further studies and this will contribute a lot to teacher’s respect in community.”, he noted.
Director General of Rwanda Education Board, Dr. Ndayambaje Irénée shared some of the findings of the Learning Achievement in Rwandan School (LARS), where statistics shows that as per the report published in March 2018 only 52.8% of pupils in Northern Province had the required level of literacy in P6, while 59.7% of pupils had the required level of numeracy in P6. This is an indicator that we still have a long way to go; he noted.
Referencing to the last report of Quality Enhancement Awareness Campaign Phase 4, Director General of Rwanda Education Board, Dr. Ndayambaje Irénée noted that some Head-Teachers do not visit teachers in the classroom to ensure that teachers prepare, deliver lessons adequately and provide feedback to the learners.
The issue of computer’s theft was also discussed about, Assistant Commissioner of Police in Northern Province, ACP Jean Baptiste Ntaganira said that collaboration is the only measure to handle this problem: “we are very committed to stop this, but we need collaboration with DDEs, SEOs and Heat-Teachers.”, he said.
In this consultative meeting on education, SEOS (Sector Education Officers) were requested to leave their offices and become real school inspectors as the best strategy to understand what is really happing on the ground. This is in line with their new denomination whereby SEOS are going to be called SEI (Sector Education Inspectors).
Minister of State, Dr. Isaac Munyakazi concluded the consultative meeting on education in Northern Province by requesting Head-Teachers, SEO, DDE, Mayors to have a close follow up with regular reporting on issues like teachers-attendance, pupil’s attendance, pupils-drop out, repetition, school feeding among others.
This reporting procedure should start from school level up to national level as the way of understanding the real situation in schools; he added.
Minister of State also said that leadership, responsibility, ownership, collaboration and accountability must be the core engine in the journey to Quality of Education we want; he underlined.


Participants of consultative meeting on education in Northern Province

Consultative meeting on education was very argumentative

Governor of Northern Province, Hon. Gatabazi Jean Marie Vianney

Director General of Rwanda Education Board, Dr. Ndayambaje Irénée addressing the participants.

Director General of Workforce Development Authority, Eng. Gatabazi Pascal

Mayors from the Northern Province attended the consultative meeting on education

Participants noted down some key points

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