On 5th October 2020, Rwanda joined the World in the celebration of International Teachers’ Day celebration. It is a worldwide event organized since 1994 and Rwanda started to celebrate this day in 2002; implying that this year was the 19th celebration of international teachers’ day in Rwanda.

Every International Teacher’s Day has a theme provided by UNESCO. This year’s theme is “Teachers: Leading in crisis, reimagining the future”, translated in Kinyarwanda as “Abarimu bafata iyambere mu bihe bigoye, bakongera gutekereza ku hazaza’’.

In Rwanda, the celebration of International teachers Day is marked by rewarding the best teachers. On this day, best teachers at national and provincial levels (from private, public and government aided schools) received their awards. Indeed, those teachers that have been delivering lesson under remote learning programme (radio and TV) were also recognized. 

The celebrations were also marked by providing awards to the best performing teachers at provincial and national level. The selection criteria for best teachers ranges from job performance, in school innovative practice and socio-economic transformation as result of effective use of UMWALIMU SACCO loans. Indeed, special consideration was given special support to students through remote learning and social-economical responses to Covid 19 in the community.

During the celebration, it was the right time to award best Primary teachers and best Secondary education (General Education, Teacher Training Colleges as well as TVET).  Best teachers at national level, Umutesi Christine and Sinamenye Albert were awarded Motocycles, Tablets and Certificates.


The ten best performing teachers in primary and secondary at provincial level were awarded  Flat screens, Tablets and Certificates while Sixty best teachers at district level were awarded Tablets and certificates. Special awards were also given to teachers (including those from private schools) who have been supporting REB in remote learning programme through which students get lessons via TV and Radio stations to bridge the gap of school closure  due to COVID-19.

The Rwanda National Transformation Strategy (NST1) is founded on the social transformation pillar, among others. Its overarching goal is to “develop Rwandans into a capable and skilled people with quality standards of living and a stable and secure society”. Some of the objectives set to achieve this pillar include, but are not limited to, ensure quality of education for all aiming at building a knowledge-based economy and to develop a competitive and capable Rwandan population. It is in this regards, during these celebration, the Ministry of Education also recognized the efforts of Local Government by remitting the trophy to the best performing District, i.e. Rulindo District,  in education service as per the 2019 Citizen Report Card (CRC) published by Rwanda Governance Board (RGB).

The celebration happened via Live Rwanda TV and Radio Rwanda (also connected to Community Radios). Apart from the Guest Honor and the teacher representative who were hosted at Rwanda Broadcasting Agency (RBA); a second studio was established at Rwanda Education Board Headquarters.

During the celebrations,  the Guest of Honor, Minister of Education, Dr. Valentine Uwamariya emphasized that the community deserves more recognition to teachers’ job. She also recalled teachers to double their efforts to enable the country to get the required skilled citizens and labor force.  She promised continued discussions around the challenges impending on the teaching profession and the teachers’ welfare.

Hon. Minister of Education, Dr. Valentine (between) visited REB that hosted the second studio for the purpose of having a look on the preparation activities few minutes before the start of the celebration.

Director General of REB, Dr. Ndayambaje Irénée (far left) and Deputy Director General of REB, Mrs. Angelique Tusiime (between) awarded best performing teachers at REB Headquarters (second studio).

Hon. Minister of State in Charge of Primary and Secondary Education, Hon.Gaspard Twagirayezu also visited REB for the purpose of having a look on the preparation activities of the ceremony 

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