Rwanda Quality Basic Education for Human Capital Development Project


I.              Introduction and Background

 The Government of Rwanda through MINEDUC signed a credit financing agreement of 200M USD with the World Bank, to support the implementation of the project known as Rwanda Quality Basic Education for Human Capital Development Project as a response to the problems related to weak human capital base and its adverse impact on Rwanda’s progress in all three Country Partnership Strategy (CPS) thematic area as reported in the World Bank’s Country Partnership Strategy (CPS) for Rwanda for FY14–FY18.

REB as an institution playing a more direct role in service delivery related to quality basic education is now implementing all Rwanda Quality Basic Education activities under the project related to its mandate. The project life span is five years effective (5 Years) from 20th November, 2019 and the project end date is on 31/10/2024.

The project development objectives (PDO) are to improve teacher competency and student retention and learning in basic education.

The project aims to help strengthen Rwanda’s basic education system through investments in teacher preparation, recruitment, and professional development (to improve teaching practice) as well as in infrastructure and teaching and learning resources (to enhance students’ attendance and learning environment). Through these investments, the project seeks to equip more Rwandan children with the foundational skills and competencies required for success in the country’s modernizing economy.

Rwanda Quality Basic Education for Human Capital Development Project is being implemented by REB through the three inter-related components and nine subcomponents. REB-SPIU is implementing all three components and eight subcomponents as listed below:

II.                 Project Components to implement

Component 1: Enhancing teacher effectiveness for improved student learning

Sub-Component 1.1:Improve teachers’ English language proficiency and digital skills;

Sub-Component 1.2:Support professional development of mathematics and science teachers;

Sub-Component 1.3:Strengthen the preparation of new teachers;

Sub-Component 1.4:Develop model schools to support innovative instructional practices

Component 2: Improving the school environment to support student learning

Sub-Component 2.2: Enrich early learning environment

Sub-Component 2.3: Support gender sensitive teaching and learning environment

Component 3: Developing institutional capacity to strengthen teaching and learning

Sub-Component 3.1: Support quality assurance systems - Learning assessment and Teacher recruitment

Sub-Component 3.3: Strengthen project management, implementation, and monitoring capacityQBE

III.Project financing by components and its subcomponents in USD

The total loan of the project borrowed from World Bank is 200USD Million. The allocated money will be used by the Ministry of Education and Rwanda Education Board. This budget will be used to implement the three Components as above cited. On the side of Rwanda Education Board.

The allocated fund to implement activities of quality basic education with REB-SPIU is Forty-Seven Million Eight Hundred Ninety-Six Thousand Two Hundred and Seventy-Eight USD(47,896,278 USD) along the period of 5 years since 2019 to 2024.

The SPIU-REB was established to support in the implementation of the project activities and number of qualified s staff was recruited to support the said implementation in collaboration with existing technical departments within REB.

 Rwanda Quality basic education for human capital development project, according to above structure has 12 staff to implement project activities as stated in Project Appraisal Document.

In additional to this, Rwanda has got an additional funding of 10,000,000 US $ from Global Partnership for Education (GPE) through World Bank with the effective date of 20th May, 2020 and the funds will be only used during COVID-19 as Education Response strategy. The funds were additional to the parent project which is Rwanda Quality Basic Education for Human Capital Development. Now the additional funds is considered as Component 4 of the parent project and it has 2 sub-components in which REB is implementing the sub-component 4.1 which is "Optimizing and implementing remote approaches for continued learning, well-being and resilience” with allocated budget of 2,200,000 US Dollars to distributed for five main activities to perform with REB as follow:

(i)    Airing lessons, education campaigns with integrated WASH messaging on Radio, TV and YouTube channel established and

(ii)  Develop non-academic audio-visual content

(iii)         To conduct a Quick survey to evaluate e-learning program, radio & TV learning programs effectiveness

(iv)Develop Continuous Professional courses (CPD) for Teachers, digitized developed CPDs and Piloting them in different schools and train teachers (All levels) on the developed CPDs to enhance teacher’s capacity and knowledge

(v)  Establishment of Exclusive radio and TV channel for Education purposes

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