The Ministry of Education in Rwanda and the Korea International Cooperation Agency(KOICA) embarked an audacious initiative to enhance ICT utilization in education in line with the national development strategy in 2016. As a foundational effort, two government agreed to collaborate on a project, which was designed to develop ICT utilization capacity secondary school teachers in Rwanda. In November, 2017, Korea Tech-SEAD Institute consortium was selected to implement the Capacity Development of Information Communication Technology use in Education (CADIE) project in Rwanda. 



The Capacity Development for ICT in Education (CADIE) project is operated under REB-SPIU (Single Projects Implementation Unit) from the Rwanda Education Board, funded by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA). Its mission is to integrate ICT in teaching and learning among secondary school teachers and strengthen learners’21st century skills in Rwanda. CADIE project operations in REB commenced in 2019 with a total budget of Seven Million US Dollars (USD 7,000,000) to support its implementation. The project duration is scheduled from 2019-2023 as revised to date.

The “CADIE”projectis implemented through four interrelated components, overseen by the Single Project Implementation Unit of the Rwanda Education Board.

Project components

-          Training Program Development

-          Delivery of Training

-          Establishing Centres of Excellence

-          Monitoring and Supervision

Sub-components of “CADIE” project; 


CADIEa)      Establishing Training Program Development

1.1. Establishing training program development for; In-service teachers, pre-service teacher inspectors, Sector Education Officers, District Education Officers and Master trainers

CADIECADIEb)      Centres of Excellence

2.1.Establishing Centres of Excellence 

CADIECADIEc)      Delivery of Training

3.1. Conducting training for Master Trainers, In-service teachers, Pre-service teachers and Education Inspectors

CADIECADIEd)      Monitoring & Evaluation

4.1.Development of Instruments, monitoring platform, policies, procedure and support system


The CADIE project is managed by a team of six designated staff; the Program Manager, Administrative Assistant, Accountant, Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist, ICT Infrastructure Specialist and Capacity Building Specialist.










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