1.     REB-SPIU Structure


2.    Functional Roles and Responsibilities of REB-SPIU (Single Project Implementation Unit)

REB SPIU was established July 2019 and its structure was approved in October,2019 regarding the formation of the Single Project Implementation Units across Line Ministries and Public Agencies, with overall objective of creating an effective institutional framework that will guide the process of designing and implementing projects that are earmarked to fast track realization of development targets envisaged in the various sector strategic plans, Seven Year Government Program, Education Sector Strategic Plan (ESSP) (2018–2024) and the EDPRS all drawn from the Rwanda’s Vision 2020&2050.

REB SPIU is purposefully positioned to manage the ongoing and planned as well as future projects identified in the course of translating the education sector strategic plans into development results. It further serves as repository of knowledge on lessons of experience accumulated in the course of implementing and closing the completed projects. The benefits to be derived from the established SPIUs include among others (i) to increase effectiveness in the delivery of Rwanda Education Board while implementing projects under the institution systems, (ii) improve teacher competency and student retention , (iii) learning in basic education; improve teacher competency; (ii) improved coordination and creation of synergy; (iv) efficiency and effectiveness in project implementation oversight through improved M&E; (v) strengthen learning in basic education, and (vi) increased knowledge and expertise as well as best practices in projects management.

The Established REB Single Project Implementation Unit (REB-SPIU) has the following responsibilities:

        i.         Coordinate all projects related activities within REB as an institution-

(Implementing agency).

      ii.         REB-SPIU aims to technically support existing departments and/ or units to implement the planned activities by providing technical assistance, building capacities of the staff,

    iii.         Liaise with developmental partners to implement the financed activities in line with existing policies,

     iv.         Build partnership with donors, other partners to support financially, and technically the institution.

      v.         REB-SPIU is responsible, intervene in the Projects Design, Development, Management and implementation of all planned projects in REB, and plays host to all projects management phases (Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring and Control as well as Closing).

     vi.         Initiate and develop project documents requesting funds to the donors if necessary

   vii.         Improve the effectiveness of all donors financed Projects across Education Sector in Rwanda.

 viii.         Hosts all the concerned appraisal/ supervision missions of the development partners.

     ix.         Improve the effectiveness of all donors financed Projects across Education Sector in REB.


REB-SPIU is an important organ within the institution which came to support the departments and units whereby all projects should be coordinated in one and single way in order to effectively rationalize funds and logistics arrangement.

The SPIU coordinates different ongoing projects composed of the following;

i.               Rwanda Quality Basic Education for Human Capital Development Project (RQBE4HCDP)

ii.              Rwanda Covid-19 Education Response PROJECT FROM GPE

iii.            Capacity Development for ICT in Education (CADIE)




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